HEY, DUDE! Do you speak Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish or maybe Hungarian? We would like to update translations for the recent AE release! Please download the latest version and see "!outdated_translations" directory for details.

NOTE! The software is being constantly updated, so please do NOT post direct links to the application's files, neither upload it to sharing services.

Hello and welcome to the official AE VN Tools homepage!

AE is an attempt to write easy-to-use versatile toolkit for working with Visual Novel (aka "Command Selection Adventure" aka "Anime-Quest") engines, proprietary and Open Source alike.

AE is a GUI-based application primarly designed to work under Windows NT 5.x and compatible operation environments (Windows 2000/XP/2003, Wine, ReactOS).

AE is a multilingual application and currently ships with English, Russian, Bulgarian, Italian, Spanish and Ukrainian translations.

AE is Open Source software and written in Object Pascal. Feel free to join the development at our GitHub Repository!

AE consists of several tools powered with straightforward user interface:

  1. Archive Tool
    (extracts and repacks archives)
  2. Audio Tool
    (converts audio files)
  3. Image Tool
    (converts image files)
  4. GrapS - The RAW Image Reader Tool
    (salvages image data from application's memory and raw data dumps)
  5. Script Tool
    (converts scenario files)
  6. Data Tool
    (converts and bruteforces various data formats)
  7. E17 SCR Tool
    (obsolete, exports and imports data chunks of KID Engine-based VNs)
  8. E17 EXEdit
    (obsolete, patches textual data of Ever17 PC US executable)

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[2015/01/24] AE - VN Tools Nepeta r81

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