HEY, DUDE! Do you speak Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish or maybe Hungarian? We would like to update translations for the recent AE release! Please download the latest version and see "!outdated_translations" directory for details.

NOTE! The software is being constantly updated, so please do NOT post direct links to the application's files, neither upload it to sharing services.
Current development build (all fixes and new features here!)
[2015/01/24] AE - VN Tools Nepeta r81 [Win32]686.25 Kb Direct Download
Latest source code snapshot from GitHub
[201?/??/??] AE - VN Tools Source Code Snapshot [Src on GitHub]? External Download
Language files for AE - VN Tools
[2014/07/17] English (official)9.8 Kb Direct Download
[2014/07/17] Russian (official)11.5 Kb Direct Download
Outdated language files
[2013/05/08] Bulgarian (by dripper & telamon)10.71 Kb Direct Download
[2013/06/25] Spanish (by Thuriel)10.27 Kb Direct Download
[2013/07/06] Italian (by Sora Kekko)9.98 Kb Direct Download
[2013/05/08] Italian (by Marco Romeo)8.67 Kb Direct Download
[2013/05/08] Ukrainian (by katta)9.94 Kb Direct Download
Third-party utils made by us and by our friends
[2009/04/22] Buriko General Interpreter Script Tools [Src]

PHP-script toolkit for disassembling and compilation of BGI engine (Edelweiss VN in particular). (Автор файла: Nik)
2.19 Kb Direct Download
[2010/06/06] IKURA GDL Script Tools [Src]

Python-script tool for disassembling, compilation and conversion of IKURA GDL scripts to Ren'Py format. (Автор файла: Peter Sovietov)
73.62 Kb Direct Download
Other experimental code derived from AE sources or excluded from the main application.
[2011/01/14] WIPF Image Decompiler/Compiler [Win32 + Src]70.58 Kb Direct Download
[2010/10/04] KiriKiri2/KAG3 Embedded EXE Splitter & Merger [Win32 + Src]45.53 Kb Direct Download
[2011/01/14] Misc tool package [Win32 + Src]


  • [2009/07/20] Aoi Shiro CEL Decompiler/Compiler
  • [2009/03/26] Crowd Engine 3 Script Encoder/Decoder
  • [2009/08/26] Graps v2 RAW Image Data Reader Standalone Version
  • [2008/07/31] KID Engine DAT Extractor
  • [2010/10/04] KiriKiri2/KAG3 Embedded EXE Splitter & Merger
  • [2010/11/29] KiriKiri2/KAG3 XP3 Tool
  • [2009/04/24] KLEIN PurePure PAK Extractor
  • [2009/10/16] ROOT TeethingRing5 PAK Tool
  • [2011/01/14] WIPF Image Decompiler/Compiler
409.2 Kb Direct Download